Women’s Wellness Experience



August, 2019

Kaitlin Soule, Licensed therapist, podcaster, and anxiety specialist and Mary Fillinger, a Balance Enthusiast and Fitness Studio Owner are teaming up to bring you a wellness experience to inspire you to live into your power. This experience will be led by the truth that when we think better, we feel better, and when we feel better, we live better. Our own thinking patterns are often the biggest obstacle to growth and healing. Kaitlin will lead us through the mental process of identifying both our outcome picture (the type of life we are wanting to go towards) and the limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck. From there we will learn to “flip the script,” and create new ways of thinking that make room for us to live our best life. Mary will guide us in finding the mind+body connection so that we can both anchor our work AND practice some soul care! Motivational movement (spin & stretch) will be included on both days.

Day 1: “Own your Stuff!” Finding your “why” and discovering limiting beliefs
Day 2:”Own the Way Forward!” Creating empowering beliefs and a self-care routine that will support your growth.

Join us in fun and empowerment as we learn together, move together and get inspired together! (Anyone is welcome, but space is very limited.)