It all started when...

Mary took her very first group fitness class in 2003, which just so happened to be a barre-style class. She was hooked by the upbeat energy she felt being in a studio with others. She knew immediately that she wanted to (someday) own her own studio, but the path was unclear at that point. Fast forward 10 years when she got married, and simultaneously uprooted to her husbands hometown of Petaluma. The town instantly felt like 'home', and that path to opening a fitness studio was becoming more clear. Mary and Chad took some time first to build Chad's insurance business (shameless plug - Fillinger Insurance) and then to begin to build their family (daughter Reese joined the crew in September of 2015). And, there's nothing like having an infant to really realize that no time will ever be the "right time" for anything, ever again, so they charged ahead with the first studio (now known as BALANCE EAST). Securing a space that Mary was certain had been waiting for just this, and then diving into the construction process to create a space that would bring balance from the moment you step foot inside. The studio truly became a home away from home the entire Filly family, right along with everyone that attended classes. As Mary & Chad made plans to further expand their family, adding to BALANCE kept right inline. BALANCE WEST opens its doors November 1, 2018, adding cycle classes to the already popular barre workout. Never a dull moment though, son Warren was born in February of 2019.

Mary is a true eternal optimist while maintaining a true reality and would give her right arm to help people feel like they're the best versions of themselves. It's a quest she seeks in her own life, and wants to share the journey along side this Petaluma community. We'll see you in class!